Crop nutrition and protection

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VS Kunsmis bied unieke vloeibare en korrelvormige versnitte volgens u plaas se behoeftes. Ons lewer ook spesialiteitsprodukte soos half-organiese kunsmis, wateroplosbare produkte, blaarvoere, humiese en fulviese sure.


VS Kunsmis offers unique blends of granular and/or liquid fertilizer, formulated according to the needs of each farm. We offer specialty products such as half organic fertilizer, water soluble products, folic nutrition as well as humic and fulvic acids.

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Pro Gas Solutions sources and applies ammonia gas - the most effective source of nitrogen, directly to the soil. We are committed to safe and reliable equipment, adapted to the practical needs of every farmer. 

This practice is backed by the support of the the best technical team in Africa, if not the world.


Since 2007. Avison has been a recognised name in quality organic and semi-organic fertilizer. 

Avison believes in a holistic approach to plant nutrition and therefor applies integrated nutrition management by using both organic as well as inorganic sources to enhance soil fertility and, as a result, increase yield.


VS Chemie offers quality chemical and biological crop protection products at competitive prices. A wide variety of products are supported by technical know how to ensure the best outcome for your crops. 


VS Kalk supplies gypsum and lime for agriculture to better the nutrient balance of the soil - most important for good soil structure and soil biology. 

We have access to all available sources of calcium and lime and can supply exactly what your soil needs according to soil analysis. All products are supported by excellent logistics.